Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Review Angry Birds (IPOD TOUCH GAMES)

Do you know about angry birds games? Yap, Angry Birds is the best Smartphone Games on 2011. If you have a smartphone like Android or Apple, you should buy this games, the price is cheap, the price is only $0.99. Now, I would like to review Angry Birds games on my IPOD TOUCH, so you should read this review before you buy this game. But I think this games is very recommended. This games is product of ROVIO.

Main view
I think, this main view is very interactive, because you can look the main view, simple but interesting. I think this main view is perfect.
But if you expect for 3D graphics, you will dissapointed, because this game just use 2D graphics, but I think Graphics isn't important, GamePlay is more important than graphics.

Look the bird! The bird was on the catapult. Oh, that's so cute. But I must remind you that graphics isn't important here, but the GamePlay is very good for the game with size 20MB.
Why the bird was on the catapult? If you want to know, go to your official store, and buy Angry Birds Games.
Haha, I got the pig! the bird are punched a pig! Oh, that's so cool, I got score when the birds are punched the pig.
That's really very hard when you got a higher level, because you must use your brain for manage a strategy.

Finally!! I finished that's level, the pig is gone now and I had completed the level. I so proud of me, because I must worked hard for this level, I almost try 5 times for this level.

This is my scoresheet. I just got 1 star, but that's OK, I had really work hard. This games is really must use your brain!


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