Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Must Have Apple IPOD TOUCH Accessories

There are many accessories for Apple IPOD TOUCH, but now I would like to tell you about must have accessories for IPOD TOUCH.

Silicon is very important for IPOD TOUCH especially IPOD TOUCH 4, because IPOD TOUCH 4 body is easily scaratched. I bought this silicon for $20, that's cheap I think.

Anti-Scratch is very important for IPOD TOUCH, because, IPOD TOUCH use LCD Screen, but if you not buy a Anti-Scrath, it doesn't matter, because I not use Anti Scratch, and my IPOD TOUCH screen still perfect.

I bought this earphone, because the IPOD TOUCH headset isn't so good, so I buy new earphone.
I like this model, it's perfect earphone for jogging and the model is simple, but sporty. And I like this earphone, because this earphone has a volume control.
This earphone is cheap, just $20.

That's it, important Apple IPOD TOUCH Acessories. Anything else?


jasmine zapplerepair mengatakan...

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